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Canonical and Ampere started early developing solutions for hosting virtual Android applications. The companies have built very high performance platforms for streaming many Android instances from a single server, in the process packing server platforms with dense GPU and video transcoding hardware to satisfy the demands of at-scale Android application streaming. Going forward, Anbox Cloud and Ampere® Altra® will usher in a new era of mobile and IoT application hosting for an ever growing set of use cases that need the performance and scale of cloud hosted Android services.

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Anbox Cloud

Canonical Anbox Cloud is a mobile cloud computing platform that leverages Android as an engine for virtualising mobile workloads. Anbox Cloud is highly scalable and offloads compute, storage and energy-intensive applications from Arm-based devices to any cloud. Canonical Anbox Cloud allows customers to build custom platforms and deploy applications to accelerate time-to-market. Canonical developed Anbox Cloud on highly efficient containerized workloads using Android as a guest operating system to enable service providers or enterprises to distribute Android applications from the cloud to any device. By running this platform on Ampere server products such as Ampere® Altra® and Ampere eMAG®, Anbox Cloud customers are able to run all of their applications natively, delivering the performance, low power and cost advantages needed to satisfy consumers demands.
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The recent collaboration by Canonical and Ampere led to a variety of advancements in the state-of-the-art for hosting Android applications from the cloud. By adding multiple GPUs and dedicated accelerators for offloading video transcode (provided by partner: NETINT), the solution achieved new density goals, topping out at greater than 1 Android game stream per core on Ampere's legacy processor eMag! In the chart below, a 2x density improvement using these optimizations can be seen.
For an in depth look at the combined Canonical Anbox Cloud Solution with Ampere server systems and NETINT accelerators for video encoding, check out the joint whitepaper recently published by the 3 companies! Given the baseline testing and optimization done on eMag, the projected performance of systems employing Ampere® Altra® can be shown in the following table:

Projected Streaming Instance Density on Various Ampere Platforms
Altra® Platform Instance Density Number of GPUs
eMag Baseline 32 2
Mt. Jade 2S 160+ 5+
Mt. Snow 1S 80+ 3


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