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NETINT Technologies is an innovator of computational video processing SoC solutions. An Ampere® Altra® powered NETINT Video Transcoding server provides low-latency video transcoding that enables cloud video platforms, hyperscale video services, edge computing companies, and streaming content providers ultra-scalable real-time video encoding at a cost basis that is 90% lower than software.

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NETINT Technologies

With the explosion of video-enabled communication apps and entertainment services, a NETINT Video Transcoding server powered by Ampere achieves high performance while being easy to integrate with existing cloud and data center-based video encoding operations.NETINT’s Codensity family of System on Chip (SoC) products and adapter solutions allow customers to deploy high performance video applications fast and efficiently. NETINT is developing innovations in the intelligent control of Solid State Drive (SSD) devices optimized for video encoding, transcoding, and storage, delivering a cost-effective path to scale out next-generation data centers and video distribution networks.
NETINT codensity image
Easy Adoption: Using the ubiquitous NVMe U.2 2.5" form factor and the standard AIC format, NETINT video transcoders can easily retrofit into existing video encoding pipelines. As video streaming transitions from file-based to 1:1 real-time, interactive, video streams a need for low latency on-demand solutions emerges. Applications utilizing FFmpeg adpapt encoding workflows which can be upgraded without installing inflexible black box video encoders. A NETINT Video Transcoding enabled server powered by Ampere Altra supports the most common video standards in use today, like H.264 and HEVC. Additional formats will be suported as they reach market adoption.

Power Efficiency: With NETINT's Codensity ASIC technology, cloud mobile gaming, live game streaming, video conferencing, remote desktop, social media streaming, live OTT streaming, and AR/VR services achieve higher quality using a reduced computing footprint. Services and platforms benefit from Ampere and NETINT solutions by consuming twenty times less energy at ten times lower TCO than common software-based encoders.

Better TCO: With the explosion of video-enabled communication apps and entertainment services, there is a significant need for video encoding solutions to achieve high performance while integrating easily with existing cloud and data center-based video encoding workflows. Imagine upgrading a single 1RU server to encode 40 1080p60 H.264 or HEVC broadcast-quality live streams at a 90% cost reduction over software? This high-density performance is the central value that Ampere and NETINT deliver.

NETINT transcode accelerators offer:

  • Real-time H.264/H.265 Decoding/Encoding
  • Ultra-low latency for live broadcast-quality encoding
  • 8K/4K/HD support
  • HDR format support: HLG/HDR 10/HDR 10+/Dolby Vision
  • Flexible NVMe U.2 modular plug & play form factor
  • High stream density: 16x 720p30 or 8x 1080p30 channels per T408 U.2 module; 64x 720p30 or 32x 1080p30 channels per T432 AIC
  • Ultra Low Power - 7 watts per U.2 module; 27 watts per T432 card
  • Native support for containerization and Virtualization
  • Integrates with FFmpeg SDK


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