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Paraview is an open source platform for visualizing dataset of different sizes. Paraview support client server structure with remote rendering. Paraview (rendering and data) servers support distrubuted and shared memory via MPI library and can stream the rendering frames via FFMPEG to clients, without download big datasets. The client-server rendering capability are essential for simulating and visualizing large dataset like weather data, CFD data, etc. The combination of Ampere multi-cores and GPUs like AMD or NVidia provides the best platform for high demanding jobs like CFD simulation and visualization.

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Paraview GUI is based on Qt and the client can run on multiple platforms. Paraview Interface Paraview Interface
Multiple GPUs like AMD and Nvidia have been enabled on Ampere platforms, togther with multpile cores CPUs, Ampere has enabled well-balanced computing platforms with computational simulation and grapics visualization. Running the workload on server and streaming the rendering results to client cross network to ParaView clients are the key for collaboration.



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