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Ceph based storage solutions are common throughout today's modern cloud storage infrastructure. Ampere has worked with the community supporting Ceph based storage to optimize the applications and uses of the Ceph storage stack for Arm64 architecture on Ampere cloud native processors to scale and perform at ideal power efficiency.

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Ceph offers an open source storage solution to organizations seeking to to manage vast amounts of data. Organizations running applications with different storage interface needs can use Ceph to decouple their namespace from the underlying hardware or storage implementation. Ceph’s foundation is the Reliable Autonomic Distributed Object Store (RADOS), which provides applications with object, block, and file system storage services from single unified storage cluster. This makes Ceph flexible, highly reliable and easy to manage. Ceph’s RADOS provides extraordinary data storage scalability — thousands of client hosts or virtual machines can access petabytes to exabytes of data. Each applications can use the object, block or file system interfaces to the same RADOS cluster simultaneously, which means Ceph based storage systems serve as the flexible foundation for all data storage needs.


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