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Arm Native

Ampere Altra and Ampere Altra Max are the most scalable Android hosting platforms in the world!

Arm Native
Key Benefits
Software Partners
Arm Native Use Cases
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Arm Native


The Arm architecture has dominated the mobile processing market with its unrivaled ability to maximize power-efficiency and has powered billions of Arm-based processors used in mobile phones, laptops, tablets, IoT devices and embedded systems throughout the world. Running applications originally built for mobile or IoT platforms in the cloud is now possible with Ampere Cloud Native processors. There are many of them - over 2.56 million applications available Google Play store alone!*

For cloud hosted Android applications, instance density is everything. Ampere is the first platform to support 120 or more 3D cloud gaming instances per server. Ampere processors natively support both 32 & 64 bit Android applications and require no binary translation for maximum instance density! Ampere Altra and Altra Max processors are extremely efficient in running 3D game titles such as Platformer 3D and Bombsquad leaving plenty of CPU headroom for value added services to complete any Cloud Gaming or Cloud Phone solution.

CPU Utilization (%) - AltraMax 1P

Key Benefits

Ampere processors deliver the most application instances per server in the world:

  • Highest density: Run up to 120+ 3D cloud game instances per socket
  • Predictable Performance: CPU utilizations often below 50% leaves plenty of growth headroom
  • Native Android support: Supports 32 & 64 bit applications

Results shown from Altra Max servers with 4x NVIDIA T4 GPUs running the NVIDIA cloud gaming SDK. Instances of 3D Android games are rendered and encoded at 1280x720@30. For additional information on the test conditions used click


*Reference apps market report here

Software Partners

Ampere partners with the top Android emulation solution providers targeting both Cloud SaaS and on-premise deployment models. Our partners provide solutions for many use cases including cloud gaming, Android app developemt and cloud phones. Customers may also find resources from our partners to customize their Android emulation solutions based on SDKs from our partners.

Canonical - Anbox Cloud
Anbox Cloud supports cloud phone and cloud gaming use cases, and can be deployed as a service or on bare-metal. It is container based and uses the popular Ubuntu Linux operating systems and Canonical services such as MaaS and Juju for deployment and orchestration. Anbox Cloud is a very scalable solution, providing deployment on a single nodes or in clusters.
Genymobile - Genymotion
Genymotion is designed to simulate full features of Android phones and other mobile devices. Genymotion SaaS can be found on Ampere Cloud partners. It is VM based with a rich Web UI and automation tools for mobile app development, validation and deployment.
NVIDIA - Android Cloud Gaming SDK
NVIDIA Android cloud gaming SDK has the most efficient rendering, encoding, and streaming pipeline targeting mobile gaming applications. The SDK uses containers and can be integrated with existing cloud infrastructure including Docker and Kubernetes.
Arm Native Use Cases

Cloud phone or VMI (Virtual Mobile Infrastructure) is a diverse category including segments such as healthcare, government, and financial services. These industries often have data privacy concerns thus prompting them to build apps that keep information in secure cloud domains. Cloud phone usages also cater to a burgeoning tech savvy audience willing to experience live training, remote learning, tele-health, live streaming experiences and social media platforms. Many applications in this use case are not graphics intensive and can work very well without GPU assistance.

Benefits include:

  • Centralized management
  • Data and Application Security
  • Automation
  • Multi-Access

Recommended System

  • Single Socket Ampere Platform
    • CPU: Altra/AltraMax
    • DRAM: 384GB - 512GB
    • GPU: Optional depending on graphics requirements

Solutions and Regression Testing

AIC Solution Regression

Regression of the current AIC solutions.

Recommended Systems

Ampere Altra Systems

Ampere Altra and Ampere Altra Max. These systems are flexible enough to meet the needs of any cloud deployment and come packed with Ampere's 80-core Altra or 128-core Altra Max processors

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