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Arm Native Solutions

The Arm architecture has dominated the mobile processing market with its unrivaled ability to maximize power-efficiency. As a result, there are now billions of Arm-based processors used in mobile phones, laptops, tablets, IoT devices and embedded systems throughout the world. The Arm ecosystem is set to experience a new period of innovation with the expansion of the platform to the cloud increasing the reach of primarily mobile platform.

Ampere provides the highest performance, most power efficient server platform to extend these applications through our partners to an Arm Native Cloud by providing exciting tools delivering a complete user experience and cloud enabled developer ecosystem.

Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming on Arm represents a large application base of gaming titles that are native to Android OS and primarily targeted at the mobile and tablet markets. The installed base as well as new game developers have begun to look for alternative methods of delivering game content to users around the world freeing the developer from the restrictions and compatibility issues of developing for a myriad mobile devices. The cloud rendered game allows virtually unrestricted access to server side resources needed to run ever more demanding games that are then streamed to any device. Ampere processors are built to deliver this experience at vast scale to a worldwide consumer market.

Virtual Mobile Infrastructure

VMI is a diverse category including segments such as healthcare, government and financial services. These industries often have data privacy concerns thus prompting them to build apps that keep information in secure cloud domains. VMI also caters to a burgeoning tech savvy audience willing to experience live training, remote learning, tele-health, live streaming experiences and social media platforms.

Developer Tools

Arm native developer tools are critical to the expansion of mobile and IoT apps to the Edge and Cloud. Ampere's partners provide some of the leading mobile application development environments today and have begun to expand these tool suites to enable cloud infrastructure and services with a single IDE. See how the mobile app developer experience can be supported on Ampere® Altra® processors.

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