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Whether the solution requires massive computational crunching or massive storage of data in DRAM memory or in persistent storage of any kind, Big Data and analytics scale even bigger with Ampere® Altra® processors! The Altra processors scales nearly linearly with workloads that require data manipulation at this level and feature huge main memory footprints (up to 4TB) across industry leading 8 channels of DDR4 (up to 3200GT) bandwidth.

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Databases are the backbone of cloud-native application deployments. There are many different types of databases designed to meet the growing needs of global-scale deployments. Cloud-native software utilizes technologies such as SQL, NoSQL, time-series, and everything in between.

Results which are reported as "Unverified" imply that we were unable to collect a result due to an issue within our test infrastructure. When we root-cause an Unverified result the write-up will appear in the Test Notes section of the solution page for the software under test. An unverified test result does not imply an issue with the software under test - it means only that Ampere was unable to confirm one or more steps in our verification process.