Ampere Computational Solutions

Ampere® Altra® Processors are designed to scale. Period. High-performance compute workloads are no exception. See how Altra can make your workload scale...

Ampere Solutions Domain

Computational Workloads

With up to 160 SIMD units per processor on Altra® and 256 units on Altra Max, computational workloads that are built to scale perform well on Ampere® Altra®. Computational workloads are divied up here in several categories to allow quick review of various high-performance compute applications.

AI - Inference

AI Inference, the practical application workhorse of modern Artifical Intelligence infrastructure

Video Transcode and Delivery

Video Transcode workloads are the backbone of CDN networks and social media sites across the internet. Find all aspects of the Video delivery stack for content distribution and processing here.

Results which are reported as "Unverified" imply that we were unable to collect a result due to an issue within our test infrastructure. When we root-cause an Unverified result the write-up will appear in the Test Notes section of the solution page for the software under test. An unverified test result does not imply an issue with the software under test - it means only that Ampere was unable to confirm one or more steps in our verification process.