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Storage runs best on Cloud Native Ampere Altra processors with industry leading IO fanout

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Ampere® Altra® systems built for storage come in a variety of form factors with high density drive capacity and industry leading IO performance.

Testing and Regression on Ampere Solutions Portal

Current Regression Testing

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage supplies data storage service anywhere and anytime through cloud based data stores abstracted to the consumers on the network or within the data center

Enterprise Storage

Enterprise Storage supplies data storage for corporate users within secure on-premise or hybrid data stores managed by Enterprise IT organizations.

Results which are reported as "Unverified" imply that we were unable to collect a result due to an issue within our test infrastructure. When we root-cause an Unverified result the write-up will appear in the Test Notes section of the solution page for the software under test. An unverified test result does not imply an issue with the software under test - it means only that Ampere was unable to confirm one or more steps in our verification process.