OCI Ampere A1 Bare Metal

160 Cores 1 TB Memory 100Gb Ethernet Your Workload... ... raw general purpose horsepower!

Platform Configurations

OCI Ampere A1 Bare Metal


OCI Ampere A1 Bare Metal instances are extremely powerful. Bare metal gives customers full control of the cloud stack for any level of Cloud-Native service. OCI's convenient provisioning systems make building and launching Bare Metal instances a snap! OCI Ampere A1 Bare Metal have enhanced security given the single threaded nature of the Ampere Altra cores. OCI infrastructure is also agent-less given customer the peace of mind that there is no compromised performance or additional security risk due to the zero software install base of OCI Bare Metal platforms. In addition, OCI makes accessing this new infrastructure very easy with generous access programs such as: * Free Tier Program: Gives prospective customers easy access to prototype, test and try before they buy!; * Always Free Tier: Shapes that are 4 Cores and 24GB of memory are always free! Tuck in those small shapes without adding cost; * Arm Accelerator Program - Apply for credits that are good for up to a year to really dive deep on this unique infrastructure...

OCI Ampere A1 Bare Metal Shape Overview
DescriptionBare Metal instance with customizable OS image options
Compute Shapes160 Ampere® Altra® Cores (2P)
Memory Options1 TB DRAM
Network100Gb Ethernet NIC
Network OptionsVirtual cloud network options available
Block StorageBoot volume customizable up to 32 TB
PartnerOracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)