Tencent SR1

Tencent delivers the first widely available public infrastructure in the People's Republic of China based on Ampere's industry leading Cloud-Native Altra processors

Platform Configurations

Tencent SR1


The Tencent SR1 standard instance offers high performance Ampere Altra processors balanced with network and memory options in flexible ratios to meet the needs of a variety of cloud-native workloads. With max instance sizes reaching 64 Cores, 25Gbs Networking and 128GB of memory there is an VM instance for even the most demanding workloads!

DescriptionGeneral Purpose Compute
Partner(s)Tencent Cloud
Tencent SR1
ProcessorAmpere Altra 64 core, 2.8Ghz
Memory optionsUp to 128 GB
NetworkUp to 25 Gbps
StorageFlexible Cloud and Object Storage