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Developer Access Programs

Ampere’s Developer Access Programs provide a collection of free, easily accessible trial platforms for developers, customers, and Ampere partners. The programs offer compute resources using our Ampere® Altra® and Ampere® Altra® Max Cloud Native processors and provide remote access to a variety of systems managed by Ampere and our Cloud Partners.
These programs require users to adhere to Ampere’s NDA and Technology Trial policies. We encourage our developers, partners, and customers to explore Ampere products by using our access programs to begin innovating on Ampere’s leading Cloud Native platforms.

ProgramPrimary UsagesCurrent Platform(s)Form~Duration
Early Access ProgramEarly access to platforms with forthcoming processors in a cloud configurationDec 2021: Altra Max Available
1. Mt. Snow 1P
2. Mt. Collins 2P
Bare Metal Instance2-4 Weeks
Partner Cloud ProgramAccess to current and previous generation platforms in a cloud configuration1. Altra Mt. Jade 2PBare Metal Instance2-4 Weeks
Specialized PlatformsSpecial Case Configurations hosted by Ampere1. Altra Mt. Snow 1P with NVIDIA T4 GPU
2. Altra Mt. Snow 1P with AMD GPU
Bare Metal Instance4-8 Weeks
ClusterCluster access for scale-out use cases and application enabling1. Altra Mt. Snow 1P with 200GbE, 24 TB Drive CapacityCluster: 2-10 Nodes4-8 Weeks
CSP PartnersCloud Partner Access Programs1. OCI A1: Free Tier
2. OCI A1: Accelerator Program
VM ShapesFree Trial: 1 month
Accelerator: Variable
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